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Offering a variety of motorcycle tours along scenic back roads of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Tour routes include the DRAGON, LITTLE DRAGONCHEROHALA SKYWAY and other paved roads to provide a relaxing ride. It is common to see a variety of wildlife on rides including birds, deer, elk, turkey, and occasionally black bear. Let us do all the planning so you can just ENJOY! All bikes are welcome!
We offer 3 groups of tours with variations of time, length, and sites visited. Below is a list of the tours we offer. Please look them over and contact us for availability and scheduling.

always ask about our monthly specials

Available tours: (Click the tour types for more information)

Half Day Tours

Approximately 4-6 hours long, these rides give you spectacular views of mountain waterfalls and green valleys. Sites of interest include Norris Dam, the LITTLE DRAGON, and Cumberland Gap State Park.


Mountain Stream

All Day Tours

Approximately 6-9 hours long, these tours include rides on the Cherohala Skyway, DRAGON RUN, and the LITTLE DRAGON. Breathtaking scenic views of the pastures in Dutch Valley to the cascading waterfalls of the Smoky Mountains offer exciting yet relaxing rides.  


Cascading Waterfalls

Extended Tours

Longer and more customized tours.


Mountain Whitewater

Choose a guided tour for a unique adventure.
There are 8 tours to choose from starting at $33.00 per motorcycle. All prices include tax. Some tours may require an extra charge for a sidecar or third person (check at time of booking). Please contact us for tour availability and scheduling.
Back Roads Guided Tours
 Motorcycle tours for the timid or the wild at heart.

For more information call:       (865) 680-1181

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